All my cameras are ultra limited edition and after I run out of stock there will be no more. 

Hello! My name is Greg and I'm the creator behind Cyclops Cameras. 

In 2011 I funded my first camera on indiegogo and with the kind support of backers from around the world, created  the worlds first digital fisheye toy camera. The camera was called the 'Little Cyclops' and was a tiny fisheye camera that made news headlines on all major national and international outlets including on CNNMASHABLE, and BBC; and my work has been featured in Photography Monthly Magazine (May 2013). MSNBC also recently listed me as one of the UK's youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. 

After raising the funds for of my 'Little Cyclops' camera I was able to ship out to backers all over the world. The project was an amazing success and allowed me to start working on a number of new projects. One of the greatest things about crowd funding has been the relationships that I've formed and the support that I've found from other crowd funded businesses (it really is like a little community). I greatly appreciate the support some of you lot have given me over the past year, helping me to build and grow Cyclops Cameras and allowing me to continue to make these fun cameras.

This site features some of my projects working with artists around the UK, and has a number of my newest projects on sale.